Sunday, December 09, 2007

Q & A session

Today we had a surprise visit from my friends Solomon and Lupi.

Their little boy is so funny and talks constantly.

He talked about hurricanes, tornados and the color of his new bedroom. (They are building a house.)

He told me that he was only speaking English. He then said he could be an English robot. I joked with him as he spoke like a robot and then asked, “Can’t you be a Spanish robot too?” Of course he could and did the Spanish robot for me also.

He mentioned their new bathroom and I asked him, “Does water spray out of your ears when you take a shower?” He came back with a quick answer, “No, I wear headphones!” (laugh)

He said many more things including that six weeks is not that long and he expounded on that by counting to six.


Then he placed his hands up and said, See? That is not a long time.

It was fun to hear a child's perspective on things.


HEWY said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I haven't got shot yet ;)

Mary said...

Conversations with kids is such a trip. Their prespective is untainted and honest.