Sunday, December 23, 2007

Creative Zen Stone MP3 Player

We got Mom an mp3 player for Christmas. I thought it was a good deal for $39.99. So I will write a little review in case others are trying to find an affordable mp3 player.

It is simple and really cute and portable. It has 1 GB of storage on it.

My Mom does not like technologically complex items. She prefers the Keep It Simple method when it comes to electronics. So this is a perfect mp3 player for her.

It has just a few buttons.

1. Play and pause button which also turns the mp3 player on and off when pressed for a longer time.

2. Forward button

3. Back button

4. Volume up

5. Volume down

We got her the mp3 player in red but they also have it in yellow, blue, pink, white, and black.


You can use the mp3 player at home with speakers plugged into the headphone jack or on the road with special cables.

If you are looking for a simple mp3 player this is nice. If you want a more complex mp3 player, then check out the sansa or zune lines. The price will be higher though for those brands. Of course there is also the ipod but I don’t have any experience with it I’ve used Sansa and Zune mp3 players before and I enjoyed them both.

I am such a silly girl. My parents both got their Christmas presents early. I cannot hold gifts very well when I think a person will enjoy them. Luckily, Armando offered for us to give them early and I was ALL for it. :D


HEWY said...

Merry Christmas!

Lynn said...

All my love and blessings to you and Armando and your wonderful family, Michelle~
I'm so joyful that you get to go to Chile! My prayer is of course that you heal SOON and are better than ever, and that you and yours have a wonderful, merry and happy Christmas season.

Much love to you, dear friend!

Mary said...

Ditto Lynn's comment. It's exactly what I would have said.

Thanks for posting the mp3 player. It looks like something I could operate. Also thanks for the link for the two players you are familiar with.

Have you ordered your ticket yet? When do you plan to begin your Chile trip? I'm so excited for you.

Merry Christmas and love to you and yours.

Andrew said...

Merry Christmas Alabama Gal! So glad I found you and your blog on the blogosphere. I am a dedicated reader now. Have a Merry Christmas tomorrow with family and friend and know that I am thinking of all my blogging friends!

Leigh said...

Feliz Navidad!

Say Anything said...

Feliz Navidad, amiga!

stephen said...

Dear Michelle -

Thanks for the insight on Zune, I had/have the oppurtunity to get one at a cheap price and haven't decided if that's what I want to spend my Christmas cash on. Hope you and Armando had a happy Christmas and I of course wish you the best in the coming year!!!

Always with love -

Anonymous said...

Hey did armando used to work with me??

Moon said...

Hey! Michelle,
Thanks for writing me! I can tell you that with my husband we're also Chilean and we also used to live in Alabama (in Auburn), and we just moved this year to Atlanta. Please write me whenever you want, and you're more than welcome in my blog. Have great holidays!!!