Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Healing Drink

The doctor's visit went fine today. I have a pressure sore/wound on my right ribcage region. This can happen to people in wheelchairs, especially in bony parts of the body without much fat for padding.

The doctor gave me some drink mixes to drink once or twice daily. She said the orange is good when mixed with pineapple juice but the grape tastes like watered down koolaid.

We shall see... (tomorrow) I am not brave enough to try it tonight.

Let's hope this new healing drink has a good flavor.


junquedujour said...

don't ya just feel like the doc's guinea pig at times?

I think they need to go back to animal testing :)

I hope you got my email from junquedujour -- if not, check the spam folder -- I sometimes get mistaken for that nasty stuff --- which I have never eaten ;^)

Mary said...

I'm so sorry this has happened just before the Holidays get underway full time. Let's pray that the drink does the job. Medication is never pleasant no matter what they call it. I'll be thinking good thoughts for you.

Anonymous said...

I have never heard of this drink. That is cool if it helps. I remember that you were getting a new chair then I read that you were returning it. I hope you have one that suits you now.
I have a one time drink of antibiotics called Zmax it is supposed to taste like banana/cherry yea right:)
My cat sleeps in Russ's medicine basket.
Oh I almost forgot to say its KAT

Lynn said...

Hi Michelle!
So very sorry you're going through this now, I can't believe it's come to the point you're injured! I feel so badly for you. I hope the drink helps quickly and your next chair is up to your specs!

Loved the kitty pics, and all your past entries I'm catching up on.

You and Armando have the happiest of holidays!

HUGS! Lynn

Andrew said...

Glad the doctor's visit went okay. I would probably like to drink that concoction as I like drinks kids would prefer. Hope you are well tonight and enjoying this warm weather we are having!