Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Just me rambling again. :)

I have had to spend more time in bed lately due to some skin issues. Most paralyzed people in general have pressure sores from time to time. Something as simple as a wrinkle in your jeans can cause a skin irritation that turns into a wound. I will always have wound issues from time to time as my doctor told me years ago. It is frustrating to me but something I just have to deal with and try to work around. I have been spending a lot of time in bed and it seems to be helping. I am trying to heal as much as I can before flying to visit my family in Alabama on May 14th for two weeks.

I have enjoying sewing with a little handheld sewing machine. I have crocheted a little but just have not really been extremely crafty lately. I do not know why. I have a lot of ideas in my head but just have not been working much on anything besides thinking of ideas and then putting off doing them. I am sure my inspiration will come back and I will be back at it soon. One takes spells with these things sometimes.

Armando got me a netbook and I love it! It is portable and so I have decided to devote a little time each week to blogging again.

The patio garden has done well so far. The petunias are doing fine except for a few snail bitten leaves. The snail seems happy in the soil so I cannot bring myself to relocate it. Let it live and be happy and if it takes a few of the leaves for feasting that is okay.
The only seeds that are doing well out of the ones I planted are the basil and parsley. I keep watering the catnip and the rosemary but I have only seen a few sprouts come up then they seem to die off. I am happy with the petunias, parsley, and basil though. I will continue watering the catnip and rosemary in case it decides to show itself one day! There are so many mosquitoes this time of year. I have to put my all natural mosquito spray on just to water my plants every day or I will get eat up! I keep forgetting to buy citronella candles.

There were tornadoes in Alabama last night. My Aunt and Uncle had a lot of damage but they are okay thank goodness! They had been working so hard on their land and getting ready for a family gathering on May 22nd but today they could not even get out of their driveway, they had no power and their water lines got damaged too. I am glad that my Dad and other family all went over today and started helping them clear the trees and working with chainsaws.