Saturday, March 13, 2010

Time to meet the finish line.

I am trying to really work hard and have set a goal for myself to finish this course as soon as possible. That means I need to study every day, including weekends. If all goes according to plan, I will finish with the last reports in approximately one month and a week. Then, I can begin studying for the final. (Oh, I do hope I make a good grade on that!)

Also, I really hope that I can find a position in this line of work. I think it can be hard to find work when you do not have experience. That is always a hard one. Isn’t it? How do you get experience when you cannot get hired without experience? Let us hope I can find a company who hires newbies and who is not a stickler on foot pedals and will allow me to use hot keys and software controls. Since foot pedals and paraplegics do not really get along for obvious reasons. LOL

This course has taken me longer than I imagined it would. I had a lot of health problems since I enrolled. Also, there were a lot more reports than I first thought there were when I signed up. It is okay though. It gives you a lot of needed experience. I have never given up, even though sometimes I was concerned about my slow pace.

I have a very supportive husband who thankfully has paid for extensions on my classes when I have needed it. That has meant a lot to me. Also, I have had some very supportive family, friends, and study buddies.

I have had several study buddies since being enrolled in Career Step and I only have one left who is actively enrolled in the program at this time. All of the rest dropped out of the course!

If I am a little less vocal on my blog right now please understand that I will be back chatting away soon! I will still pop in and say hi from time to time over this next month, but I may not be posting as frequently since I will be typing away for many hours and transcribing reports.

I have not forgotten about the giveaway and that is still going to happen, as soon as I get my projects completed. ;)