Saturday, September 27, 2008

Weekend is here

I stayed up until the wee hours studying Anatomy. At bedtime I was struck with over-study silliness and telling Armando that I hoped his phalanges and radius were comfortable. :)

We were supposed to do a park photo shoot of a child today but the cloudy day was not the light we had hoped for so I called and rescheduled for tomorrow. The weather is supposed to be better then.

I have a nice study buddy now from Texas. We are both in about the same area of Anatomy. It is encouraging.

I finished my first ever doily and worked out where I had went wrong. I am starting this doily now.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Body Talk

I am studying Anatomy and Disease. It is interesting.I am taking it slow so I learn it well. This will be very important later in Medical Transcription.

I am just beginning and so far I have learned Muscles of the Face and Head. I am working on memorizing the Muscles of Facial Expression and Mastication.

I never knew this before but there are over 600 muscles in the human body.

I have almost finished crocheting an Off The Grid Scarf like this one:


My scarf is in pink though.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

1950s through 2000 Michelle

myYearbookPhoto1950 myYearbookPhoto1952


 myYearbookPhoto1962 myYearbookPhoto1964

myYearbookPhoto1966 myYearbookPhoto1968

myYearbookPhoto1970 myYearbookPhoto1972

myYearbookPhoto1974 myYearbookPhoto1978

myYearbookPhoto1988 myYearbookPhoto1994


Yearbook yourself HERE

(They have it for male or female.)

I hope these pictures made you laugh!

Hi again!

I am sorry I have not posted an entry in a while. I have been busy.

I was struggling with some areas in English Grammar. I made it through the module with help from web sites and a book. Thank heavens! I averaged a 98 on the whole module. I made a 94 the first time I did the final test. I was not happy with that. I re-tested and made a 99. I am pleased with that score. :) The next module is Anatomy and Disease. It should be interesting.

My Mom and I preserved some fresh tomatoes recently. We had never done that before. I made spaghetti sauce with the tomatoes tonight and it was good. I want to make some salsa next time. We bought a pizza stone and it really does make a big difference in the pizza. I was amazed!

Gas prices have gone WAY up. It is $4.79 a gallon here  for regular. (That is such a bummer for our already tight budget.) How much is the price of gas in your neighborhood?

I have not been crocheting as much as normal. I did tackle trying to make a doily with a star center. All I can say is, some of the stitches were new ones for me and it just was not laying well. Last night I looked over the pattern and had an Uh-Oh moment of realization. I noticed that one spoke in the star was missing in the center. I will try to take the rows out and fix the problem.

Have a great weekend!