Friday, December 14, 2007

Fresh start

I gave our cat Chochi a bath and I got wet too. Chochi had took a visit down to the goat pasture (in one word, YUCK) and a bath was very in need. She is all clean and fluffy now and since her bath is over with, she is happy. Bless her heart, she was so upset with me for putting her through that.

We had a live video stream of our crayfish up earlier. I apologize if it blacked out for a while. I noticed it had when I woke up and Armando fixed it. It will be off air for a while because Armando and I both are about to format our computers. The Dell CD's arrived rather quickly.

I hope my computer is faster after the format. If it isn't, I will think that maybe this notebook is not able to handle Vista as an OS (even though it was sold with it on) and I may give serious thought to reverting to XP.

I hope your Saturday has been a good one. I will be back soon.

P.S. I apologize for not getting the Spanish word of the day on Viaje Español or the podcast yet.


Mary said...

The youngest grandson and I watched the crayfish. She was prancing around and waving her 'arms'. The grandson thought whe was waving at him and waved back.

I'm using Vista but I'm not really happy with it. Sometimes it's slow, sometimes it isn't. It's really quirky. I wondered if perhaps it's Dell having trouble with Vista but hubby says it isn't.

If I tried to give our cat a bath she would tear me to shreds. I wish we had a really sweet lap kitty. I'd really be glad if we didn't have a pet at all. I can pet the grandkids' animals.

Kelly Jene said...

Bravo for giving your cat a bath! We only did that once, after our cat got in some oil. Our scars are testament to our promise to never do it again. :)

I like your version of Carol of the Bells.

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Jorge said...

Wishing you and yours a merry Christmas,

junquedujour said...

My understanding of the Vista debacle is that many of the computers are shipping with the minimum RAM - 512mb. But even the minimum requirement really is not enough. Stephen would probably know more since he was a beta tester for it. But, you may want to consider upping the RAM to 2gb before reverting back to XP.
However, all the above could be bullshit, as I am still on XP and will remain there for as long as I possibly can :^D