Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Those of you who follow my blog may remember a post from the past with me mentioning that somebody had left me beautiful sunflowers and a watermelon on my porch. I did not who had done such a sweet thing. I found out tonight. It was my friend Lupi. She came to visit. I invited her and her two children to eat dinner with us. It was cooking as they arrived and almost ready. It was a good chance to practice speaking Spanish since she is Mexican.

I made Beef Stroganoff for our dinner. It was a new recipe I tried and I liked it. My sister gave it to me. Get the recipe HERE

I have had a busy last couple of days. Saturday we went for a wedding photography consultation in Birmingham. Afterward we had lunch with my sister and her family. We went to their house and visited a while. She made us delicious coffee and chocolates. The kids were adorable and had grown so much!

My driver’s license expired last month without me realizing it. I went yesterday and renewed them. The lady in the office was yawning constantly and making me feel like yawning. I just knew my driver’s license photograph was going to be of me with a big yawn!

Let me tell you about some shoes that are light as a feather! They sell men and women shoes. They can be a bit pricey but if you find them on sale or clearance, even better. Armando bought me a pair yesterday and I love them. They are so comfortable and have sheepskin inside.

Look for Patagonia HERE

I am a slacker for two days in a row. I have not studied but I plan to study the rest of the week to make up for it.

Today I attended a Webinar (like a web seminar) called CMT / RMT: Steps to Credentialing. It was very interesting and explained the tests and credentialing process for becoming a Certified or Registered Medical Transcriptionist. The Registered Medical Transcriptionist must re-test every three years whereas The Certified Medical Transcriptionist re-certifies each year with Continued Education credits. It was good to find out more details about how that works.

I have been drinking a Holiday Hot Tea that I got the other day with honey in it. It is really good. It has become my new favorite evening drink but the sad thing is that it is limited edition so I better enjoy it while it lasts. :)

Saturday is my cousin Katrina’s baby shower in a city about 2 hours away. My Mom and I had fun shopping for her and getting to pick out such cute little bitty baby things. I plan to give her a set of my little animal crochet pacifier holders as a gift.

My Aunt lives in California near where the fires are and she told my Mom that the ashes made it look like snow coming down. I feel so much for the people going through the fires. Send your positive thoughts to Medico Musings  and all others directly in or near the fires there.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Kite flying

It has been grey, cold and windy for a few days here.

Great weather for flying a kite, which is exactly what we did today.

It is a great way to brighten up a grey sky!



A picture of our kite in the air.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Time for Change

I finally did it. I voted for the first time today ever! I have thought about doing it for a while but did not do it until this year. I was so nervous filling out the ballot though. When it was completed, I had my “I voted” sticker on my chest and a smile.

It takes time to overcome long standing reasons of why you are not taking action. My parents did not vote that I ever recall. One day you wake up and think, but I am not my parents! How many people were tortured for this privilege that I am not exercising? If I do not let my voice be heard then I have no right to complain later.

No matter who wins this race, I feel good because I made a change for the better by voting.