Sunday, December 21, 2008

Palm Centro & Other Thingamajiggies


Armando and I upgraded to a Palm Centro Smart phone recently. It is so nice to have phone and palm organizer in one instead of having to charge my Palm Zire and the cell phone.

I have not tried the online features yet but Armando has tried the facebook feature and posted a picture and it worked well. I will try  and check out the blogger features on here later and options to see if I can post pictures from the phone here. That will be very fun for when we go places so I can share things with you.

I do not think I told you but I recently sold my handicap van. I was so thankful because I had it up for sale for a long time and I did not use that van. We use the car mostly because gas was very high and I never felt comfortable driving that big van.

My sister and her family are coming down on Christmas Eve. I am so excited!

I am still having wound issues. Two wounds are trying to heal and one was not progressing. I am trying to get used to changing positions every two hours but it is difficult. I am not used to doing that. I started taking a lot of different vitamins recently and Omega 3’s and my appetite has picked up lately which I hope will help the one heal. Armando said it is looking better. I do not want the wound to stay around much longer because the longer I have it, the more chance there is for an infection.

Classes are going well. I did some transcribing in the Pharmacology section. I am beginning to realize how difficult it is to train your ears to hear a doctor racing through a Medication list. What makes it challenging is that I am not yet familiar with the medication names. I am sure that will change as I get more in the habit of hearing the medicines.

Have a great rest of the weekend! It is early morning and I am not sleepy so I thought I would update my blog.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Recent Projects - Part 2

I made the brown teddy bear on the left for my nephew’s Christmas gift.


I am almost finished with Pharmacology in class. Next is Building The Medical Record.


I have been staying busy with the usual things and then making Christmas gifts. I hope next year to start in January and have my gifts finished by Christmas.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Crochet Projects

I said quite a while back that I would show pictures of a few projects that I have been working on. I will share a few pictures over the next few days with you.


For starters, Here is the first doily that I have ever made. It is a small one.


I cannot believe it is less than two weeks until Christmas!