Saturday, December 08, 2007


Armando and I had an enjoyable evening at Cullman.

We mailed the wheelchair back (to be returned) through UPS. Then, we went to the office store and I got a nice black and white journal.

We stopped by the bookstore and browsed a while. We got “The Elements of Style” and a Podcast book. We both want to write some for enjoyment and have been learning more about it and The Elements of Style is supposed to be helpful. The podcast book explained many things that I haven’t been quite sure about. I am new at podcasting so I needed all the help I can get!

When we arrived home, I cleaned house a little while and sorted through magazines. I like magazines too much. I don’t know why... I like to browse the magazines and look at rooms decorated with color combinations that I find appealing. I also like to tear out recipes and projects. I guess magazines are my little bit of dreamland and they inspire me . Maybe I will never do the projects in the magazines but I would like to think that I will get to some of them!

After cleaning house, Armando made us soup. Soup is so delicious in the winter! We watched Citizen Cane tonight and ate pizza. I love old movies and that is a good movie. We only watched half of it though. We plan to watch the other half another night because it is getting late.

Now I will get ready for bed. Chochi is curled up on my lap already asleep. Our other cat Cookie is in her favorite place, laying on the back of Armando's computer chair sleeping.

Until Tomorrow… :)


Armando said...

Was a very nice evening, thank you. Will be fun to write some short stories when we have more free time. ILU

Jorge said...

If you want your writing to be gramatically correct, you picked the right book. Be well,