Thursday, December 13, 2007

Dell support Drama

Some people that work at Dell are not well suited for their job. One man kept me on unending hold and then got hateful with me before deciding that the thing he got hateful with me about and told me couldn't be done, then could magically be done! Then he transferred me to somebody else.

Thank Goodness after talking about another thirty minutes, the CD's are supposed to mailed to me. The second person wanted to take over my computer remotely and check it out etc. He was nice though. That was good but why can't a person decide how they want to handle their computer problems if they have knowledge enough to do so and why can't Dell learn to be less stubborn and let people help themselves!?

Oh the drama to get recovery or operating system CD's these days! Just give me the CD's folks.

Sorry, I just needed to get my frustration out.

Now for a little humor.



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Mary said...

Computers and cars are the two things that can really make me loose my cool. Mechanics - both auto and computer - are numbers 3 and 4. I hope everything was resolved.

You are drinking the Juven aren't you? Remember you need to heal so you will be ready to make your wonderful trip.

I hope you aren't in pain. You already have a lot to cope with.