Friday, December 07, 2007

Street in Huntsville, Alabama


I like this street in Huntsville, Alabama. The picture was taken after midnight tonight on the way home from work.

This street is right on the corner by Sammy T's music Hall. There is a coffee shop on the corner too. It can be quite a busy little street filled with people early mornings when there is an event at Sammy T's.


We got home from work before two a.m. Yesss! That is a good thing.

We are off work tomorrow but have some errands to run in Cullman. I have to return the wheelchair that didn't work at the UPS store. Then, we are going to the Pet Store to find some fish.

We have to move our blue lobster back into the smaller aquarium. You learn as you go and we have learned that she is not working out so well in the current aquarium. She has re-arranged the rocks, released plants and piled up rocks. We will keep her but in another aquarium without our plantings and driftwood and angel fish. The blue lobster is fun to watch! She just needs the right environment. Armando picked out some rocks and stuff the other day at the pet store so we will move her to the aquarium tomorrow with some new fish.

Good Night & Sweet Dreams.


Armando said...

nice picture darling. You are right with the crayfish, but it's a girl. I hope with just rocks it's better.

Thank you

Mary said...

Girls always like to rearrange the furniture. Crayfish girls are no different, I guess. Nice picture of the Huntsville street. Did you get my email?

Anonymous said...

The pic looks very cold. I am gonna try the cookies - I love peanut butter. I have never heard of a pet lobster. How does Armando know the sex? I think he's kidding :)

Mary was funny.

lurve. kat

Leigh said...

Gorgeous picture! Well done.

junquedujour said...

did I miss pics of the blue lobster ... crayfish?