Friday, December 28, 2007

Last night at work

Tonight was our last night at work. We are off Monday for New Year's which would've been our last night.

We will leave for Chile on January 14th and return on March 14th, 2008. I was listening tonight to a song called Summer Days and getting excited about being in summer weather soon! What a change from the cold we are having here right now. It is going to seem weird packing summer clothes in winter!

I have decided to wait until tomorrow to put the Spanish word of the day up on Viaje Español.

I am tired and couldn’t sleep well last night. Hopefully I can get in bed right away and sleep. Armando and I both have been having trouble sleeping lately. One of us usually wakes up with the smallest noise and then we both are awake and cannot sleep. We hope we can get our bodies trained to normal sleeping hours now that we won’t be working all night and early morning hours.

Night Night & Sweet Dreams!


I will post again soon. ;)


Mary said...

Hope you both sleep a long and peaceful sleep then wake up bright eyed and ready to ramble. The time stamp on your post is just about the time I was making morning coffee.

Jorge said...

We just had a Christmas visitor from Chile, the son of a friend who's just finished a semester at UC Berkeley. Hope you have a wonderful trip, and happy New Year to you and yours,

Jorge said...

Wow! two months away - I'm jealous :-) Wishing you and Armando a wonderful holiday and a happy New year,