Sunday, December 13, 2009

The sun’s aftermath

Tonight I started a new facial cleansing routine. I made the silly decision years ago to lay out in the sun (on purpose) to try to get a beautiful (in fashion) golden tan. I have fair skin. The outcome was one that I have regretted for years. I did not get that golden tan.

I remember at that time that my face became very red, I had blisters, and was literally sick with fever and chills. My skin suffered the damage and my forehead, since that time has had dry skin. Even when I put moisturizers on it, it seems it can never get enough moisture.

Never since that time have I intentionally laid out in the sun. It is awful for the skin and damages it even if you do not notice it straight away.

I am trying a product called “CeraVe” hydrating cleanser. I followed that with Avon’s rich moisture face cream. CeraVe is dermatologist recommended for dry skin and several dry skin related conditions. I will let you know what results I have with this routine. I am hopeful for good results.


I hope somebody reads my post and if nothing else, it helps save them from the mistake of damaging their own skin.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

A Medical Transcriptionist Christmas Poem

An MT Christmas poem

‘Twas the night before Christmas

And in MT town

Tired MTs were longing

To lay their keys down.

Their earphones were hung

On their skull caps with care.

In hopes that new words

Wouldn’t bring them despair.

Some in their sweatpants

And some in their tights

Had just settled down

For a long evening’s type.

When over their headsets

The sounds were so jumbled

They couldn’t quite make out

The words that were mumbled.

They hit the fast forward

Reverse, stop, and slow

Trying to make out

The message below.

They checked in their Dorland’s,

Drug books and spellers,

Some called class buddies

Or even asked their fellers.

If they had an inkling

Of what the tape said

Or why someone was trying

To mess with their head.

When no one could answer

They listened less quick

And suddenly knew

The “doc” was St. Nick.

Now he spoke very plainly

Since they needed to hear

For his message was urgent

As Christmas drew near.

It was quite simple

No long words to spell

Dictated but heartfelt

And clear as a bell.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays

Best wishes and cheer

And thanks from Doc Santa

For your hard work all year.