Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Poor Chochi

Last night or early this morning, not sure exactly what time it was, we awoke with the sound of an animal growling and attacking. Our front had blown open by the wind. It was rainy and stormy. Our cats and dog Cinnamon were freaked out.

Cinnamon was under our porch hiding and Chochi was up high on the porch post clinging with her paws and holding there and terrified. Cookie ran and hid underneath our bed and the rest of the cats had scrambled.

We believe a coyote may have attacked Chochi. We see tracks in our driveway. We did not see her injury until today when she was acting slowly and not like herself. Armando saw a bleeding spot on her stomach. He immediately took her to the nearby vet hospital. Both of us were worried and Armando realized it was probably an internal injury. I was very concerned and worried and when he realized she had an injury and was cleaning her, I started crying. He told me to not be sad, she would probably be ok.

The vet kept her and will operate on her. They did X-rays and everything looked normal and they believe she will be ok. They said they believed it was an attack and they could see a mark that looked like where a fang had been.


Update: She came through surgery well and can come home tomorrow. Thank goodness! She is the most gentle and loving little cat. Always wanting to sit on your lap and making little meow sounds when you call her name. She has long hair and looks huge but when you really see the shape of her face and body, she is tiny, her hair just makes her look big!


stephen said...

What a horrific event - it's a shame wild animals are getting in and attacking your stock!

Hopefully he or they won't come back for a second round, aim to kill if they do.

I hope all those pets effected soon heal up. I will call you later to check on you!

Mary said...

I'm glad to hear Chochi is going to be OK. She is a beautiful little kitty. Such a sweet little girl face. I know you were really upset. Glad the surgery went well. She can lay on your lap and soak up the love while she heals.