Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Medical Transcription

I went to Vocational Rehabilitation (again) to ask for help with funding for school or work training. I had been to them in the past with bad results. The person who used to work as my Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor had just left after a series of bad circumstances. I was one of those people that kept waiting and waiting for him to “get my medical records back” which he apparently had never sent for. I received a call before we went to Chile from a new Counselor that had taken the place of my past Counselor.

So, I just went back for my second appointment after gathering the necessary documents and explaining to her that I wanted to go through Career Step to get training in Medical Transcription. She told me at first that she wanted me to go through the local community college but I preferred the Career Step program. With Career Step you can finish quicker and spend more time on the practical skills needed for the job. Getting the skills and then getting to work is what I am interested in. Not, at my age, spending several years working my way up through math courses, which I have never been good at it anyway!

So, I am very happy that soon I may be taking the self-guided and at home Career Step Medical Transcription course!

I am also very, very thankful for Brenda’s help with giving me great pointers and answering my questions as I learn transcription skills. You have been a lifesaver! I appreciate you.


Mary said...

I'm happy to hear your good news. Both about the new person working with you and the classes.

Lynn said...

Yay you! I'm so glad you're achieving your goals, Michelle. I'm amazed at the YOU I know now compared to who I met 2 years ago.

Love to you and Armando!

stephen said...

Indeed, Brenda is a helpful person even though I don't hear from her since she left Spaces. I think it's fantastic you're out to learn something new and challenging, but that's you - you are brave and intelligent!!! :)

Always with love & friendship -

Anonymous said...

I am happy for you. I know you will do well. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up!