Monday, April 21, 2008

Moving Forward

I think I am reaching the point where I am old enough to realize that I wish I had figured out what I had wanted to do with my life earlier.

I believe I have been thinking a lot about life and where I am going lately and that has made me extremely motivated to stay on track. But, sometimes I wish I was Superwoman and could keep everything in life rolling full steam ahead with no bumps in the road. Of course, that does not happen in reality. I’ve had many bumps recently and life just is not always what you had imagined it to be. You have to just make your way through and do the best you can.

I know one thing that I want to rejuvenate and that is my optimistic point of view on life. I do not want to go through life always thinking of the worst that can happen or even thinking the worst of everybody. I prefer to look for the best in situations and people.

So, starting tonight, I am going to stop falling into that trap.


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Mary said...

You've been on my mind a lot for the past several days. Sometimes "rolling full steam ahead" isn't as good as a steady forward pace. Which ever you choose, you will win. You seem to be a truly optimistic lady and you have no limits.