Monday, April 07, 2008

Weekend's Ending

Our cat Chochi is recovering well. On Saturday she had her drain tubes taken out. She is taking it easy which is a good thing. She looks better every day. I am still so thankful she is still with us after the attack. We've been babying her a lot. Our other cat Cookie has been missing her playtime with Chochi. She keeps going over to Chochi in a playful mood and not really understanding why she is not playing with her like normal. I've tried to be a Chochi "stand in" during this time and make sure to play with Cookie with her toys every day.

It has been a nice relaxing weekend. The weekend went by really fast.

We went to my Aunt's house for fish for supper. It was a beautiful evening weather wise. I hope tomorrow is just as pretty. We plan to go to Lake Guntersville if it is a nice day.

I've been looking at an online course for Medical Transcription. I am thinking seriously about taking it in the near future.

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junquedujour said...

Hey Michele -- I ran across this site the other day:

Do a search on quicktate or idictate. It looks interesting but the pay may be an issue - according to some of the contributors. Might be fun for practice. Also, somewhere on that site was an MT course comparison topic --Andrews vs ???
I think there are cheaper ones out there -- but if you go that route, be sure to ask about 'placement' after completing the course. Some do NOT offer that.