Monday, March 31, 2008

Lymph Node Learning

The Nurse practitioner said the bump/lump? I have now (which is either a new bump or the other bump moved positions) is probably swollen lymph nodes. She doesn't think it is the salivary gland blocked.

I had my ears pierced around Valentine's Day and one has not healed and has been giving me problems and the last few days, seems to be tender and infected. She said the bump is a sign my body is fighting an infection. (I never knew you had lymph nodes in the center of your neck.) But you do, look below.



She put me on antibiotics and tested to see what antibiotic are best for me. I have to call back Thursday to make sure I am on the right antibiotic.

She took my earring out to do a swab and ouch. This is my second time trying to have pierced ears. Somehow I thought it would be easier this time since I am healthier. The Nurse Practitioner said if I continue having trouble with that ear, she would suggest I let it heal and not get my ears pierced again.

Hopefully, it will work itself out because I was rather looking forward to wearing pierced earrings instead of clips. There is so much more variety in pierced earrings and I was looking forward to the possibilities of having many options to choose from. (laugh)

The nurse practitioner said if after two weeks the lump hasn't gone away, she needs to refer me to an ENT doctor for a biopsy. I truly hope that little sucker ain't still hanging around in two weeks. I am not even going to give that more thought.

I am thinking positive. I believe my ear will heal, the lump is going to disappear and in two weeks time I will have bought several pairs of new earrings. ;)


Mary said...

I believe our bodies are pretty well laced with lymph nodes. They can hurt like a demon when they swell but it's good that they incercept infections. Infection from your ear should heal with proper antibiotics. I've almost quit wearing my earrings but when I worked they were part of my every day wear.

junquedujour said...

This may not be applicable, but I simply cannot wear any earrings that are the hypoallergenic or stainless or have any nickel in them. They have to be either gold or silver else my ears infect up something terrible. Are your 'temporary' posts made of gold or silver? Maybe you have the same intolerance as I do ??? Just a thought.

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