Sunday, April 13, 2008

Domestic Sunday

Today Armando, my Dad and I did a few things to my van in preparation for selling it. I hope somebody comes along that can use the handicap equipment and the van and that it does not take a long time to sell it.

My allergies and Armando's are haywire and like a silly girl, after telling Armando to take his allergy medicine and decongestant I forgot to take mine! (a Typical Michelle moment) I came to the realization really quick while outdoors that Darn! I forgot to take MY allergy medicine. I feel very bad for Armando who is having a huge case of allergy symptoms. Mostly my eyes have been itching but he has the whole congested, runny nose awful stuffy head feeling going on. He didn't sleep well last night.

My plans for today are totally domestic. I am going to make supper for us and my parents, fold and put up laundry and do a general cleaning and organizing of the house.


I am looking forward to making this chicken recipe tonight:

I will start with putting up the laundry now.

Have a great Sunday!


Jorge said...

Dinner sounds yummy! Hope your allergies will soon improve. Be well,

Mary said...

I'm a real Taste of Home recipe fan. I have several of their yearly recipe books. I've made this dish before and we liked it.

Hope the van sells quickly. Are you getting a new one? I guess I'm strange but I always dread a new vehicle.