Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April Fool's!

Today is April Fool's Day and Armando has played TWO jokes on me today.

First, a faked eye injury. He came to the kitchen while I was cooking lunch with a napkin over his eye and said he poked himself with something in the eye and then a liquid (MILK!) starting dropping from the napkin. I said, Oh my God! OH MY GOD! over and over again. (laugh)

Then later, he put a piece of paper and tape on the bottom of my mouse and it wasn't working. I said, WHAT DID YOU DO? That is not funny.  I don't handle my computer not functioning well. How nerdy am I?

He is SOOOOOO  in for a payback one of these days!



Armando said...

Im sorry baby, I cant help it. I deserve something horrible. Ill acept it. but I love you

Mary said...

If only you'd realized the injured eye was a joke and pretended a dead faint. Now messing with one's computer is a grave transgression. Yes, Armando, you have a big payback coming. Lover's pranks are sweet even when they startle.