Monday, March 03, 2008

The F word

Early Sunday morning I awoke with a fever and chills. I couldn't get warm. Later, I got warm and fell back to sleep. Sunday evening I ran a fever again. Last night I sweat a lot. I will try to take my temperature if it happens again, which I hope it doesn't and if it does, I may have to go to see a doctor here.

What a bummer.


Andrew said...

Get to feeling better. I have been thinking of you down under. I have really enjoyed the wonderful pictures. I hope you get over this ailment soon and it doesn't ruin the end of your and Armando's trip.

Mary said...

Bummer? It certainly is!! It wouldn't be a bad idea to be checked by a doctor. It's been such a good trip it's a shame to end it under the weather. I'm thinking of you.

~Joy~ said...

OOO..I am thinking of you. Here is to you getting well soon and enjoying the rest of your wonderful trip, Michelle.
Have fun!

Take care,