Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sweet Home Alabama

We arrived home safely yesterday.

The trip was long .While entering Atlanta, we met a line of thunderstorms and had a lot of turbulence and had to cancel our initial landing and fly around a while to the north side of Atlanta for a clearer landing area. I got a bit nervous and later Armando told me that he was trying to make me feel calmer and talk to me but he was nervous too.

Then our connection flight's take-off from Atlanta to Birmingham was stalled a long while after boarding the plane. The plane was with a problem and a maintenance crew had to fix it.

I rested so well last night.

Next Saturday my Aunt and Mom and Dad are throwing us a Welcome Home Party. They want us to have time to rest up first.

Next Sunday is Easter. I want to color some eggs. I haven't done that in forever. I may grill out too. What are your plans?

Here is a tutorial showing how to prepare before decorating to preserve your favorite Easter egg.


Andrew said...

Glad you're home safe and enjoy the party. I was so glad when I checked Google Reader and the post read you were home. I know you've been posting, but you were missed here in Alabama as well. Just in time for spring as it is really showing here in the Valley near the Chattahoochee.

Mary said...

Welcome home. I thought about you coming home through Atlanta. I'm glad you and Armando are home safely. How is your grandmother? My prayers are with her.

stephen said...

With Easter just this Sunday we still don't have any plans - I'm usually the last person to find out.

I'll make the best of it regardless though.

Happy Easter Michelle & Armando!!!

stephen said...


~Joy~ said...

Welcome Home!!! I loved the pictures! So pretty!
Plans for Easter...HMM...Yet to find out. But hope that you have a wonderful Easter!
Take care..