Saturday, March 01, 2008


I haven't written in a while. Let me give you an update.

I had a dentist appointment on Thursday.I had not been to the dentist in a while so I was a little nervous and paranoid. I had all these thoughts before getting into the dentist chair about him saying things like OH MY GOD!!! Or some dramatic thing like you have gum disease or need surgery. LOL

But all was ok, except for three little cavities... The dentist was very kind and spoke some in English which was kind. I tried to speak in Spanish too.

The dentist was in the are called Providencia. I like that area. It is very nice. We ate at an Italian restaurant after the dentist as a reward. hehehe A man was playing guitar and singing and Armando joked with me, asking if I wanted my picture taking with the singer and I said NO! I get very shy with things like that.

Since being in Chile, I've read these books.

Here are the books I have read. I enjoyed them all.

My Invented Country by Isabel Allende

My Antonia by Will Cather

The Bonesetter's daughter by Amy Tan

Golden Country by Jennifer Gilmore

Dark Horse by Tami Hoag

We went to Viviana's house tonight and I held Gabriel and enjoyed him. He turned one month old today. Time sure flies!

Monday and Wednesday I have to get those cavities filled...

We've been enjoying time around the house lately. It has been relaxing.

We return home to Alabama in little over two weeks.

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Mary said...

It's good to find your post this morning.

A trip to the dentist is the worst. I'm absolutely a nervous wreck by the time I'm in the dentist's chair.

Hearing that you are having a happy, relaxing visit with the family makes me feel good. These are times that will be with you always.

Time in Chile grows short. Savor every minute.