Monday, June 02, 2008

The stuff my dreams are made of…

I have always enjoyed “trying” to be creative and doing crafty things.

We live in an apartment-like setting now with a shared kitchen. Basically, we have a living room, bedroom and bathroom. Armando’s computer desk and three aquariums make their home in our living room. In our bedroom, is my computer desk and craft overflow.

I am dreaming of a future with a craft room with sufficient tables, storage and a sewing area.

And these yarn "planets" I found on the Internet.



A girl can dream

Can’t she?

P.S. I am working on projects for my Craftissima Etsy Shop! Hopefully I will have some baby items and cat toys in inventory shortly.


Mary said...

The dream will come true.

I love the yarn planets. They are origional.

Let us know when you have inventory.

Jorge said...

The yarn planets look GREAT. Hope all your fondest dreams come true. Be well,

Armando said...

I like the new colors :)

stephen said...

Spiffy new colors, like um!!! :)

The yarn planets are really cool, someone creative came up with those, they would be neat to have in a hobby room! :) Hint-Hint. :)

Always with love-

junquedujour said...

My latest addiction has been the toothbrush rag rugs (cuz it's too damn hot to make the wool shirret ones). I have been buying up WAY too much fabric at the tag sales (sheets, curtains, bedspreads, skirts, on and on) to make these things. I think it may be something you'd like to get addicted to too :) Check out the 'how to' vids on youtube: