Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Rambling Entry Below

We went to see the movie "Get Smart" tonight. It was funny. We were going to see "The Strangers" but changed our mind. I am glad we saw a funny movie instead of the thriller.

We went by the bookstore too.

Yesterday I worked on the crochet frog pacifier holders.

Later, I would like to try crocheting with beads and wire. My sister got me the book Crochet Jewelry by Waejong Kim and Anna Pulvermakher for my last Birthday and I want to try some of the patterns in there. But first, I have been trying to use the yarns I have in my stash. Most of the things in this book require supplies that I do not have right now.

Our cat Chochina's kittens are growing well and roaming all over the house now. They are adorable.

Thursday, I have to go back to Decatur for another Intelligence test. It is supposed to be the last one. I hope so. I had to go a few weeks ago two days for testing and most of the cognitive test were fine but I hated the math parts. That is a weak point for me. I had home-school for most of my high school years and I was in the hospital so mostly the teachers just dropped off assignments and picked them up. I have never really tried to overcome my Math issues or really given myself a chance with that because just hearing the word math brings on a feeling of dread and anxiety.

I did like the Strong's Interest Inventory and it helped show you where your interests were and what careers would probably be good matches.

My Voc Rehab counselor said it would be July or August before I hear about funding for school.

Well, I should go fold laundry and get ready for bed now.

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Crochet Goddess said...

Intelligence test! I would be very nerves about taking that test. I am not good at math either. It is one of the reason I did not tried to get into college. Algebra terrified me. I hope you find something that you really want to do and enjoy. It is very hard and I am sure you already know this to get up and good to a job everyday that you don't like and you don't enjoy. Even if you are thankful to have the job. I am very thankful for my job but I wish I could do something else.