Thursday, June 19, 2008

Family History

I have enjoyed researching genealogy for many years sporadically. If I worked on it all of the time, I fear I would just spend my life camped out in libraries because the more you learn, the more interesting it becomes.

Recently, My Aunt told my Mother that my Grandmother who recently died looked at the book of family history and photos that I compiled for her often. It made me very happy that she enjoyed that. My cousin took the family information and said she was going to preserve it and make copies for everybody. That makes me even happier. I gave copies to several family members but I am thankful the information will be shared and not lost because I have spent many hours compiling it and traveling to places to find information. I really want and need to get my boxes of information out and start compiling it into a more usable state.

But for now, I am just happy looking back at old photographs that I have collected along the way like this one of my 2nd Great Grandmother. My sister looks strikingly like her with the dark hair. Most of my family that sees this pictures says it looks like my sister. Amazing how features can pass down, eh?

Armando says I looked like my Grandmother who recently died.


                                                         Delilah Stephens

One of my Grandmother's cousins was kind enough to share this photograph with me. She had the original photograph restored with color. In the original photograph that I saw, she had her hands raised and was displaying rings which she had on virtually every finger!

Now I see where I got my love of jewelry from! (laugh)

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