Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Semi-Recycled Necklace & Kitten Update

Yesterday I made this necklace.

Some of the beads are made from recycled magazines.


Here is an updated picture of Chochina's kittens.

The grey one is a girl and Armando named her Mundo Nuevo which means New World.

I am still thinking of a name for the orange one. Any suggestions?



Crochet Goddess said...

Great way to recyle. I love the necklace the colors are pretty. The kittens are so cute. I love cats I am a big cat person. I have 2 orange cats Goldie(female) and Hermis(male) He is the baby got him last year and had Goldie 3 years. She was very upset about the new family member. The first day he was here she spent all day in my closet. Why not pick and interesting name from one of your favorite books. I got Hermis from Harry Potter, Its is Percy's owls name. Ron's brothter. If you know any thing about Harry Potter you might know who I am talking about. Have a great rest of the week.

Jorge said...

I love the necklace. As for the kitten, looks like a Fluffy to me :-) Be well,

Leslea said...

very cute kitties.. hmm orange, how bout name Punkin or Pumpkin