Thursday, June 26, 2008

IQ test completed

I completed the Intelligence test. Simply said, I am glad that is over with!

I decided to go ahead into Medical Transcription. I do appreciate the advice of the people who have told me the possible risks of that field with voice recognition and outsourcing. I hope I am making the right choice. If in the future, I realize that the field is beginning to become slow I can always switch over to medical coding or possibly start a Personal Assistant business.

I have a few friends who do Medical Transcription now and they seem to be doing ok . I have also been monitoring message boards and I joined an email group with a lot of Medical Transcriptionists and they seem to be getting accounts and working at this time.

Suzanne sent me some GREAT textbooks in the mail today! I was so happy to receive them so I can go ahead and start diving in more  and learning the technical parts of the job. So far, I have just done a few general transcriptions using Amazon's Mechanical Turk. The pay is not much working there, but it is experience in transcribing!


Crochet Goddess said...

I am glad you test is over and I hope it went well for you. I hope you can find the job that is right for you. It sounds like you have done a lot on research and networking already. I hope your have a great weekend.

Jorge said...

I wish you all possible success! Be well,

stephen said...

Dearest Michelle -

I think you'll do GREAT, and I mean that whole hearted too. You are intelligent and detail oriented so the medical transcription seems like a natural fit to me for a career for you. Try to remember the little people when you get all smart and sophisticated. *chuckle* You'll do GREAT, I'm telling you this because I believe in you and your skills!!!

Always with love -