Thursday, May 22, 2008

Shop opening soon!

Today was spent finishing up some flower orders, cleaning house, putting up laundry and… injuring two toes by banging into our bathroom cabinet. How clumsy can one gal be?

I decided to take Kat’s suggestion and sell some of the cat toys I enjoy making and a few other handcrafts.

Soon I will be opening an etsy shop.

I do not have anything up yet, except a banner that Armando kindly made for me.

Here will be the address for my Shop:

I will let you know when I have an inventory!

I will go for testing over the next few weeks in another city, so hopefully before too long I can go back to school. Yay!

This weekend is going to be busy for us. My cousin is graduating from high school in Ellijay, Georgia so we will travel there Saturday. Sunday is our “Decoration” and then a family gathering at my Aunt Elizabeth’s with a bbq.

If I do not get to post before the weekend...

Have a happy weekend!

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Mary said...

I'll be watching for your shop to open. You do have a busy weekend - be safe, have fun, and eat lots of bbq.