Sunday, May 11, 2008


Please join me on Facebook.

My username is Michelle Loyola and I am in the Huntsville/Decatur AL Network.

Just go to the webpage above and look for the search box and type in Michelle Loyola and I am the only one that shows up in the Huntsville/Decatur network.

It is a fun place to share with friends, play games and find new friends with similar interests.

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junquedujour said...

I stopped by to do some catchup on you and I was saddened to read about your grandma. I think we all are a bit selfish when it comes to death - but we have to let them go and realize that our turn is up with them and now it is turn for those in the afterlife to enjoy her now.

I did not realize you didn't type the 'correct' way hahaha You have got some serious catching up to do then huh? I made the switch to the Dvorak method a few years ago to alleviate the pain in my elbow. I have to say, I seldom get that ache anymore since switching -- however, I never did regain all my speed and accuracy. I'm pretty sure that is just my own stubborness and not the layout of the keys.

I am glad to see you pushing yourself both physically and mentally with the transcription. it's a bitch some days isn't it?

I have to say Michelle, it seems there is a real sense of the 'blues' in your blog right now. I hope everything is looking up for you and Armando. If not today, know that it will happen and it will be worth the wait and struggle -- and take care!