Friday, May 02, 2008

Rambling sobre todo...

Today I did more laps than I ever have down our long gravel driveway with what I call a “killer hill” in it. At least, for me, in the wheelchair that hill has always been difficult. It is a workout and when I stop doing it, I am like I used to be when I would go jogging (pre-paralysis of course) and was out of shape, I’d lose my breath and feel like my heart would explode. But then after I work at it and get more in shape, I enjoy the sunshine and the challenge of making it up the hill one more time. Also, I would like to think that this effort will make me healthier and tone up my arms at least.

I have always had one big fear since being paralyzed and that is, fear of gaining weight in my stomach and then being unable to get the weight off. So far, well, as far as I know, I am ok as far as weight goes. I do not think I am skinny at all, but I am not extremely fat either. I like to think I am ok for my height. But, the truth is, I cannot weigh myself because I have no way to and most of the time that does not bother me much, but sometimes I wish I had one of those cool scales like they have at the rehab center where you can weigh yourself in the wheelchair and then weigh the wheelchair and find out your weight, but… I do not and I am guessing that would be very expensive. (laugh)

Change of subject.

I have cried several times today because my Grandma died this morning. I keep telling myself that she lived a long life and got to see not only her children and grandchildren accomplish many things but also her great grandchildren. But, even so, I then think of her and I cry. I know she was very sick and had lost her quality of life and that it is good she no longer is suffering, but I will miss many things about her. I am so sensitive. I never handle it well when people die. I try to hold it all together but end up crying anyway.

Change of subject again.

I have been learning the right way to type with a computer program. I had become used to typing the wrong way, without a technique, just by using the computer. I am sure with practice and knowing where to put my fingers that my speed will increase. I am trying to improve before taking the Medical Transcription classes. I have also been studying Medical Terminology online here. The Medical Transcription classes through Career Step take 640 hours total. I know they will be challenging but I am ready!

Have a good weekend...


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear about grandma. It is always hard to lose someone in you life from the beginning.

It is great weather here to be outside. It will be too hot to handle soon. I am glad you are home from the trip. I am sure you had a wonderful time.

I loved medical terminology. good luck.

Jorge said...

i'm very sorry to hear about your grandmother. I was very close to mine; she practically raised me, as she lived with us while both my parents were working. I commend you on your effort not to gain excess weight. It's a challenge for most of us. Be well,

Colleen said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your grandmother - I still miss mine and she died over 10 years ago. I like to think they'd want us to remember them, even if it meant a few tears.

Scales are not our friends - be thankful you don't have one. ;)

stephen said...

Dear Michelle -

I am SO VERY SORRY to hear about your Grandmother, I know the loss well and know the torment you must be going through right now. Please call me if you need to, I'll leave that up to you! Or I might text you and then call you, just in case you need to vent.


Always with love -