Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Miami Project

Since I have been paralyzed I focus most of my energy on trying to just live with it and I try not to get overly-excited about cures because it would be very hurtful to live on false hopes. When I first became paralyzed I used to spend many emotionally charged hours trying to focus and mentally make my legs and feet move. Needless to say, I could not “make it happen” by sheer mental wishing. That was the outlook I had as a fifteen year old. I felt that like most other things in my life, I could overcome it, if I just tried hard enough. Also, it did not help much the statements made to me by some religious family members: If you want to walk, you will get up out of that wheelchair and walk. Have faith, Pray, Try to wiggle your toes, etc.

Having said the above, I still do keep an eye out for new research. So I guess I have not lost all hope. I am on The Miami Project’s mailing list to stay in tune with new research and possible cures for paralysis. They have done some very interesting work and the last letter I received has made me feel very hopeful for the future of me and others living with spinal cord injuries. Some of the latest findings helped animals regain 70% of normal walking function. Look at all this research!

In order to take it to the FDA approval level and then start human trials, they will need to raise a lot of money. So, just take a look at their website and if you do know somebody who likes to give toward good causes, please mention this project to them.

This research with proper funding could change the lives of many people, not just those living with paralysis but newly injured people as well.


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