Saturday, January 12, 2008

Santiago, Chile Jan 11, 2008



The mountains that surround Santiago. Notice the snow covered mountains toward the back.


An overlook of the city of Santiago.

Sorry the pictures did not work earlier.I made a mistake!

I just finished eating empanadas for lunch. They're delicious. They're bread filled with meat, onions, boiled egg and olives.

It's hot here today!


Scott said...

No pictures there Michelle :(

Jorge said...

That was a funny story you told me! I've had similar experiences with the slippery meanings of foreign languages. hope you enjoy your stay in Santiago.

Mary said...

The pictures didn't transmit. Hope all is well with you. Have a whole truck load of fun.

Mary said...

I love empanadas. A fellow who I worked with, from S. America, brought some his wife made to a pot luck at the office where I worked. Yummy. Thanks for the pics. Continue to have fun. My best to you.

Leigh said...

Empanadas! I hope you will bring the recipe and post it!