Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

I hope your New Year is full of blessings!

We shot fireworks last night. It was fun. I hadn't done that since I was a child.

We have changed our date on the Chile trip. Now we will be leaving January 9th and returning March 14th.

I had to restore my computer system this evening and that worried me somewhat with it being so close to trip time. But with system restore, all the problems are solved and the wireless network is functioning properly again as well as the sound.

Please forgive my lack of posts recently. We may be busy for these next few days preparing for the trip but I will be sharing entries when we are in Chile.


Anonymous said...

It is nice that you are putting together a troubleshotting manual for your parents. Please blog & put up tons of pics while you are gone. For people like me, who will most likely never make it to Chile.
I will miss you, cuz I always know you are right next door in Alabama.

Mary said...

I was concerned when I couldn't access your blog last evening. Glad the gremlins are evicted. I'll be waiting and watching for news. I can't believe how excited I am about your trip. (Remember that small breakables can be safely packed inside shoes and that knits can be rolled. Maximizes room.)