Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Busy day

Armando and I had a busy day today. We awoke, I scheduled an appointment with my doctor early to get an assessment on an abrasion on my back. Yep, of all times, now I have two wounds but this new one is not that bad. I just hit my back and made an abrasion while transferring. I got the ok for the trip so we felt more comfortable going and paying the money for the tickets which were already reserved.

We drove to Birmingham and paid for the tickets at the counter. The airline guy gave us coupons for free drinks on the flight. We will fly from Birmingham, Alabama to Atlanta, Georgia and then from Atlanta to Santiago, Chile. It is approximately a nine hour flight from Atlanta, Georgia to Santiago, Chile.  We like to fly Delta because it is a direct flight from Atlanta to Santiago and the service is good.

Last time we went to Chile we used LAN Chile to fly and when we arrived to Miami, Florida we had issues with LAN and them having our seats and they wanted us to wait for a later flight.  That was a stressful trip with a lot of discussing and rudeness. Even though the airplanes were nice once you got your seat and on the plane, we were stressed for a while and concerned about not getting our seats when we were supposed to, after having paid for them in advance. That is not something you want to have happen on a long trip like that.

After visiting the airport, we went to Cost Plus World Market. I enjoyed it. We got some of this:

Authentic Spanish Turron - Duro (7 Ounce) by

It is super delicious if you ever see turon, Try it! Armando first sent it to me in a package from Chile and I love it! When we go to Chile, if I see it, I am always ready to buy it and usually end up eating it shortly after. It is a deliciously sweet and yummy candy.

I also bought a few other things I remember from my childhood.

German Pumpernickel Bread

I love this bread fresh from the oven with butter on it. We ate it often when we lived in Germany. Most of the restaurants served it warm with butter.

and Leibniz butter biscuits. Oooooh! I just couldn't help myself. I love these cookies and I rarely see them anymore.

As you can tell, I had fun shopping at that store. Later, we will go back and browse their wine section.

We went to the bookstore and you all know by now that I love books.

I got this book for the trip.

Isabel Allende "My Invented Country"

I think it will be enjoyable to read this book while staying in Chile for two months.

We got new casters installed on my wheelchair today. I am so thankful and we got new armrest pads for my wheelchair. We are awaiting the tires to come in and my wheelchair should be in good shape for the trip. I cannot get a new wheelchair until later when I am back, it will take quite a while for insurance processing.

Well, that was pretty much our day.

I hope you have a good night. Now I am getting excited about going to Chile since we have the tickets. I am going to try my best to immerse myself in the Spanish language. I have to work more on the Spanish verbs. It will be very challenging trying to just use Spanish and not revert to English. But, I hope it will be a great learning experience.

I plan to share my trip with you in pictures and blog entries.

Sweet Dreams!


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Mary said...

Turron is new to me. It doesn't look like chocolate (which puts me on a high) - I'll look for it when I go to the International Market. I love German Pumpernickel and Liebniz Butter Cookies are to die for. I never lived in Germany but was TDY (Travel Duty) there.

Only 6 more days. WHEEEEEEEEEE