Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hanging around the house

Sorry no pictures lately. We have been hanging around Armando's Mom's home.
His Mom had an air conditioner installed and I am loving the cool air it provides. I was a bit concerned when she first said she wanted it, thinking she was doing that just for me, because I was here but they assured me, they want it too! Mucho calor. It is very hot!
I am looking forward to several things on this trip:
Armando's sister having her baby
Armando's Mom teaching me to make fresh bread
The maid teaching me to make a Peruvian dessert next Wednesday with apples and bananas
After the baby is born and we spend some time with it, seeing more of Chile and maybe Argentina.
I miss home some but here is nice too. I miss our pets a lot!
I finished reading My Antonia yesterday and it was a great book. I was sorry to have it end.
Here is a picture of the garden. Sometimes we sit at that table and have drinks in the evening. You can see to the left a mural Armando painted for his Mother.




Mary said...

What a beautiful garden and the mural is very pretty. Armando is a talented man. I know you miss home and your pets, but you are having such a marvelous experience.

When is the baby due. I hope it's soon so you'll have lots of time with it.

I think of you often and am so happy that you're having a good time.

stephen said...

Dear Michelle & Armando -
So glad to see you posting or is it just me wondering what happend to you, I mean I knew you were going but by the time it hit me you both were LONG gone. LOL
I think it's great your having a nice time abroad, you're not missing anthing here that's for sure. Tonight and through tomorrow we're suppose to get 6-10 inches of snow. I know it's Michigan, but still that too much snow for me to contend with.

Miss you & drop me an email if you like. :)

Warmly -

Leigh said...

that looks so nice!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful place to spend an evening. Everythig seems colorful there. Glad you are in the A/C, how do people do without it?
Oh guess what! The grapes I just bought are form Chile. I think of you when I eat them.