Monday, January 07, 2008

Pre-trip rambling

It is hard to believe that in two more days we will be flying to Chile to stay for a little over two months. Armando’s sister will have a baby at the end of this month. That is very exciting!

I want us both to take advantage of this trip because it is an opportunity that we may not have for a long time once we are both settled into jobs and working.

I am taking along a journal to take notes of my trip and I will be taking photographs like a madwoman! I am just now realizing how much you value photographs as time passes. They pretty much take you back to the feelings you had during the time of the photograph.

It will be summer, and I am so looking forward to seeing more of the country.

I want to share the trip by email and my blog with my family and my blogging friends. My sister already told me that I must take a lot of pictures because she is traveling to Chile vicariously through me!

We may get to travel to Argentina too, but we are not sure yet. It depends on if I have to pay $100 just to enter the country. In Chile, you have to pay $100 and I’ve paid it already the last time we went. If I have to pay $100, we won’t be going because to me, that is quite a bit of money and we could spend that money in Chile having fun instead.

I looked on the TSA website and it says that I can bring a crochet needle on the airplane. Excellent! So, I plan to bring the baby blanket along that I have been crocheting for Viviana’s baby and crochet in flight and on waits at the airport.

Note to self: Think long and hard before doing large projects in tiny crochet thread in the future. LOL

For reference, we will be staying in Santiago, Chile. See map below.


Lynn said...

SOOO excited for you and Armando! I can't wait to start getting emails telling me all about your adventure!

And how are you doing, sweetie? Are you healing up okay? Thinking of and loving you!

Mary said...

It's here!! I'm soooo excited. Your big day is tomorrow. A two month long adventure in Santiago - Ahhh - the stuff dreams are made of. I, too, will live this trip with you. Are you healed enough to travel in comfort? I pray you are. You are very busy today and tomorrow will be a run-run day. Take care and travel safely. Waiting to hear you arrived safely and when you have time about your adventures. Love to you and yours.

Leigh said...

2 months! WOW! Have a safe trip!