Saturday, October 06, 2007

Shop 'til you drop

My Mom and I went shopping today. It was fun but I am tired. I bought four new dresses, a sweater and a shirt. All for $56.00! They were having a super sale and my sweater was only $2.50! Since three of the dresses are more for summer, they were marked down. It is excellent timing because this winter, Armando and I are escaping to Chile to spend a few months in summer weather. It is the first time I have ever got to escape the cold weather and go somewhere warmer and I am tickled pink!

I know I really didn’t need those clothes but … What girl doesn’t like new clothes? J

As a side note, I may (or maybe not depending on how motivated I am)… be away a few days from posting on my blog. I am about to give my Father (after we format it) my faithful desktop and make the switch totally to my Vista Dell notebook. I am a wee bit nervous about that ‘cos so far, Vista and I get along so-so, since USUALLY easy as pie windows tasks turn into a hunt and search nightmare with vista. But, I am also happy to give Dad lessons and get him enjoying computers and the internet.

Since we have decided to prolong building me a custom desk, I am switching desks. I am going back to a desk I had used previously that has more storage space. If you could see what a disaster my current computer area looks like, you would understand why I may be away a few days trying to assemble my things into some kind of order and as we make Dad a comfortable computer area. Speaking of my computer area currently, let’s just say, I have magazines and books and dvd’s and all my yarn and crafting stuff scattered all haphazardly into what I “wish” to soon be a cozy, organized, Inspiring, fun to be in, computer area.

See you back here as soon as I can. ;)

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gferenczi said...

It's generous of oyu to give your dad your computer. As for Vista, I have yet to grow to love this beast! Be well,