Friday, October 05, 2007

Morning in the afternoon

With a cup of coffee in hand at this noonday hour I sit and read blogs. Although it might seem an unusual “morning hour” it is my usual awakening moment after working early a.m. shifts.

Part of today’s agenda is taking Cookie to the veterinarian to have her stitches removed.

It is amazing how much Cookie has grown since we first found her sitting lonely on top of a stack of batteries at a auto shop which we do deliveries to most every night. The owner of the shop happened to be there that night and told us she had been there for quite some time. Of course, we had to take her home. She was beautiful and sweet and did not deserve to be a street kitten huddled so lonely and away from people which she so loves. She does not like to be alone even to this day. If a door is between you, she finds ways to jump up and paw the door to get your attention and she meows or she opens the door. She has learned how to open our bedroom door which is a pocket door that slides back into the wall.

You can see a video of Cookie when she was little here so you can see how much she has grown and also see Armando’s new blog.

Have a good day!

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