Saturday, October 20, 2007

Beautiful Butterflies

Today Armando and I took a day trip to Chattanooga, Tennessee. It was perfect weather and we had fun!

We visited the Tennessee Aquarium. You can see a few pictures below that I took in the butterfly garden. Afterwards, we went by Candyland, a nearby candy store and we dipped bags full of candy and I felt like a kid again.

We definitely want to visit again and see (just to name a few things)the Nature Center, the world's largest pedestrian bridge and the Museum of Art. Chattanooga has great architecture and a nice atmosphere.





Jorge said...

These are some great photos! I'm glad you had a good time. Be well,

Anonymous said...

It's Kat. Russ and i went on a day trip on Sunday. I saw the puter sold Whoo-Hoo! I am happy for you. A lady is giving me grief about her shipping cost. She bid and confirmed, I'm not giving her a break. She asked after it closed. I got a new kitten today. He is a rescue from the friends of animals. His name is orphan. Because he was found at 2 wees old with no mom. They thought he wouldnt live. He's had two respiratory infections and conjunctivitis. He is only 10 weeks old, he has been through so much. Russ doen't know yet. He wanted to wait. He took Georges death so hard. I think this will be good for him. I went to the store to get his kitty supplies and now i cant find him. I guess he is somewhere napping. He is very tiny - looks like 6 weeks at best to me.
Oh yeah I went to the tenn, aquarium a few years ago. it was cool. I have not been to the one in GA yet.

Later, kat

Isabelle said...

I'm from KatSoup blog and wanted to visit you after reading your comment.

Great pics you have here! I love the vivid contrasting colours.

Happy you had fun.

Take care,