Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A Leaking Coffee Pot

Yesterday I noticed that our coffee pot seemed to be leaking. Yep, it had broken. So today had us looking for a new coffee pot, but not a complete new coffee maker because our coffee maker works ok. Wow! It is amazing how much they charge just for the glass pot. We could not find our exact model (Black and Decker Versabrew)




and did not want to buy a whole new coffee maker. I like our coffee pot because it is programmable and has an automatic shutoff which is a good thing for forgettable me! We ended up buying a replacement glass coffee pot and crossing our fingers that it worked for our coffee maker.

Sure enough, it did work! Yay! It was the cheapest one we saw at $9.97.

We had a fresh pot of coffee when we got home. I cannot imagine our days without coffee. We are both big coffee lovers.

We also have our own favorite cups. I like a big cup with frogs on it that my sister bought for me and Armando likes his Waffle House cup or Dunkin’ Donuts cup. Armando likes two spoons of sugar in his coffee whereas I am a cream only coffee person.  I love French vanilla and hazelnut coffee but only buy it as a treat because it is rather expensive.


Mary said...

A day without a coffee maker would just about bring this house to the ground. We drink coffee all day long. Glad you found a replacement. As for cups - we just want a clean one every morning.

junquedujour said...

Something to keep in mind, the thrift stores often have lots of the carafes.
Occasionally, I will grab a bag of the flavored coffee. I have really tried to like them, but I just can't take a steady diet of them. I mostly drink it black, no sugar. Sometimes in the winter, I will do a flavored creamer. And I will almost always do a creamer when I grab a cup away from home and it doesn't appeal to my smell test.
But I like a styrofoam cup to drink out of -- preferrably a double styro cup. oh! and while on vaca, I found a down filled coffee koozie!