Monday, April 16, 2007


Armando and I have made a new blog

"Aquarium Journal" (-click)

It is a blog/journal to share our new hobby. It's been a lot of fun learning about fish and it is very relaxing and peaceful to look at the two aquariums.

Saturday we bought the above angel fish (and some other fish too). They are like little pearls. They are very cute and curious about everything. When taking pictures they will often come right up to you and look straight forward at the camera lens.


Lynn said...

Such cute little fishums you have there, you two! And I love the idea of 'ghost shrimp'...that just sounds cool!

So glad your aunt is doing well and what a wonderfully loving thing for her niece to do. I hope this kidney takes well and all is healthy and fine from now on.
Love you, lady....happy newlywedding!

Lynn said...

How is your aunt doing now? Still recovering well, Michelle?

And what are you and Armando doing besides staring at fishies all day? Come on, girl...whatchya doing with your life??? (but not the naughty bits! ;)

Luv n hugs!

Jorge said...

It's so relaxing, watching these beautiful fish swim about! Wishing you both well,