Thursday, November 30, 2006

Lunchtime Pal

Today while Armando and I were pulled over beside a wooded area to eat lunch while on break from work, we were joined by the most adorable lunchtime pal. I had to make sure it was not one of my cats because it had such a big resemblance to my cat named Mocha. (The only thing was, this cat had a tail and Mocha has a tiny, tiny bobtail)

After some envious glances from our lunchtime pal, we gave in and gave her the rest of our lunches. Take a look at the cutie below, Wouldn't you have handed over your lunch too?


Armando said...

cute cat was that one. Im glad you like cats a lot, because I like them too :)



Quindigo said...

I probably would have handed over my lunch THEN taken her home :)