Sunday, November 26, 2006

Four Day Holiday Weekend!

I was off work Thursday and Friday and I had such a nice and relaxing four day holiday. One thing I felt bad about this Thanksgiving was not being able to help Mom with the Thanksgiving dinner as much as I always do. I had to work Wednesday until 5:30 and I came home and helped her after work but she had cooked so many desserts and had most everything done. I woke up early Thanksgiving to help her. I think I gained some weight this Thanksgiving. I love pumpkin pie and ham and turkey. It sure was delicious!

This evening Armando and I went to look at a few stores. I got an electronic game for my Aunt who will be having another kidney transplant in the near future. I work all week and won't be able to go visit her except on weekends since she is having the transplant at a city not so close to home. I hate that she is going to be staying for four weeks by herself and everybody is going to be working. I am just on my first 90 days at work, so I cannot take off at all, until next year sometimes. I am trying to put together some fun things to keep her occupied while she is in the hospital. Does anybody have any good ideas?

Armando bought me a 80 GB hard drive and installed it. I love it! I feel like I have a new computer. My other hard drive was getting pretty full. I cleaned it up Friday and organized things into folders and placed them on the new hard drive. Then Armando formatted the old hard drive for me. My computer is running a lot smoother.

Before I got this new job, I had decided I would make a blog using html. Each time I posted in the last blog, I had to use HTML to do my entries. I liked being able to use creativity and put things together but I realized later that I did not really have as much time to devote to doing everything HTML. So I just changed back to a template. I am using the Windows Live Writer to publish my entries and it is easier.

Well, I have rambled enough. I really hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend as much as I did!


Armando said...

Im gald you got a good thanksgiving weekend darling. Im glad you found usefull the hard drive.

Sorry about the time. its good that you cna use that tool to post.


Joy said...

Hope that you had a Great Thanksgiving!
Take care and glad to hear that you are doing great!


Jorge said...

Glad you had a good Thanksgiving. Thanks for stopping by. Hope things on the new job will exceed your expectations. My sister-in-law is down in Chile right now. I'm jealous. Be well,

Scotty said...

Hey M.... I love the neat layout of your blog.... me and you both have been busy little buggers lately... really haven't had time to cruise around on your blog lately :(

Anonymous said...

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