Thursday, January 07, 2010

Settling into Austin

The last several days were quite busy. After a 14 hour drive we arrived safely . Since we traveled at night the traffic was better. My Mom and Dad brought me to my new home in a van so I could bring our things with us. The cats did very well on the trip thanks to the medicine I got from the Vetrinarian. They seem to be accepting our new home well. They have claimed our walk-in closet as their sleeping place.

My parents stayed a few days and helped us get settled. Armando took us to the Alamo Drafthouse Theater which was a lot of fun. We went to see Avatar in 3D. Avatar was a great movie. If you have not seen it, you should go and treat yourself to it. My Mom had never seen a 3D movie. Mom, Dad, and I had never been in a theater which serves food as you watch the movie. I had a BBQ brisket sandwich and potato wedges. It was delicious. I like that theater.

One day we also went to the Half-Price Bookstore and I bought a kitchen herb book so hopefully later I can make a little herb garden on our patio. I also got a Nicholas Gunn CD. They have really good prices there and a big selection. I got the herb book for $2.00 and the CD for $5.98.

We have things in boxes still to unpack but I am sure we will work our way through things with time.

I need to start studying the roads of this city on a map to familiarize myself. Austin is quite big. I am pretty confused right now when we go places. All I know for sure is that we live by IBM. LOL

This is a very nice city with a lot of fun places to explore. I have seen by the river and it is beautiful and there are also some very nice walking areas.

Many people jog here all over the city. (I think I need to get more in shape.) Our apartment offers us a free gym so I think I will check it out one day and see if they have some weights or something for upper body exercises. I have high hopes that this year Armando and I can get involved and exercise more .

I am trying to keep the same schedule as Armando keeps so we do not conflict with each other. He sleeps 8 hours in the day so that he can work the night shift. So, I sleep when he does and wake up and study while he is at work. I tried to stay up all night the night before last but I just could not do it. I was still tired from the move and everything I have been doing lately. But I am staying awake tonight so hopefully with time I will adjust.

I will share pictures with you when I explore the city more.


Amy said...

I know Austin is going to be amazing for you. So glad you are reunited with Armando! Can't wait for you to see the Congress Bridge Bats this Spring.

Crochet Goddess said...

I am so happy to hear that you are with your husband once again. I am sure you will love the city that you are now living. I am glad the cats did not get to upset with the move. I went to my first session tonight at the gym and had a workout. I have another on saturday. I need to lose weight and lower my blood pressure. Have a great weekend.

Teresa said...

I think the kities were excited as you were! I'm sure you will adjust in time.

I had to pull an all nighter to get myself straight, too. But the flip schedule of yours. It took me like 3 days to get it straight. Even though our schedules are flipped, we will still make time for our coffee. We can do it like around 9:30 or 10 pm. Once we both get situated, we'll have to make sure we do that.

I really like the area you are in. Just the self comfort of knowing you are safe is so important. You have a whole world to explore over there! Lots of picture opportunities and memories to make! Not that you have time, but maybe you should start getting into scrapbooking and start you a memory book. Just an idea One of the many things on our "want to do" list. LOL

Love ya sis! (((HUG)))

Luis said...

what can I say but congratulations!!!!!

junquedujour said...

and it looks like texas is one of the 7 states that does not have a state income tax ??? suweeeeet!

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Anonymous said...

Don't worry too much about learning where everything is. We've lived in a bunch of different areas of town & I've learned each area when we've lived there & know all the main highways, but there are still lots of places of the city that I rely on my GPS for... and we've been here a total of 7 years now!! My husband grew up here & he always amazes me b/c he can figure out where he is even when things have changed so much over the years. He did construction work for a little while after high school & he said that up here in the spot we live in, all that used to be here was a McDonald's. Now it's a booming suburb of Austin.

Luis said...

upload some pictures on the net, I already talk with Azucena about going to Austin and I really hope that happens before june.