Saturday, August 16, 2008



Isn’t this sunflower pretty?

Upon returning home one day, we noticed a bunch

of sunflowers and a watermelon on our porch. It was a very sweet surprise.

Sunflowers are my favorite flower.


I think my cousins probably left them. They came while we were out grocery

shopping. The watermelon was delicious and the sunflowers in vases around

our house made my week brighter!

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Crochet Goddess said...

I love sunflower's too! They are beautiful flowers and then after they are finished blooming the birds can eat the seeds and we can too. I did not get to plant any this summer. My neice and my daughter are all moved in to their dorms. I will have to make a trip to my neices school to see her room. My daughter has a suite again this year so she has a bedroom by herself and they have a full kitchen just like a small apartment. 3 other girls will live in the suite. Two girls have bedrooms on one side and then my daughter and another girl have bedrooms on the other side of the room. I hope you have a great week.