Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Good evening!

The last two days I have been a bit “off” on my study schedule. Yesterday I completed my studies at 9 p.m. which is later than I normally study.

I was relieved to learn in the student forums that I was going about my studies wrong. I had been typing endless exercises in Keyboard Kinetics for a few days now because I read you were supposed to do the modules in order. It turns out, I can just move onto the next module and study the keyboard kinetics daily just a little while at a time.

I am seriously happy I will not be typing those drills my whole study time. Imagine five hours a day of jnjnjnjnjnjnjn hnhnhnhnhnhnhnh etc (laugh)

This evening I start on the Medical Word Building module.

I will not attain five hours of study today as usual because my schedule will be different today and tomorrow.

I attended a work at home meeting this morning which was informative. I actually saw a girl I went to high school with at the meeting. It is a small world!

Thank you very much for the sweet comments about my crochet. You made me feel good.

I am off for a coffee and some studying.

Have a great evening!


Jorge said...

Studying can be a grind, but there is a reward at the end of the road. Be well,

junquedujour said...

ICK! on the practice typing

Jorge said...

Hope you ar eenjoying the Labor Day weekend. Be well,

junquedujour said...

so how is the dvorak method working for you? do you think you'll bypass your qwerty speed?
I see typematrix is expecting their new keyboards this fall -- but then again, they were expecting them in over a year ago :-/

Anonymous said...

you must be studying your buns off!

stephen said...

Dearest Michelle -

First off, sorry for not keeping up with you better, it's just been insane in my part of the world.

I tried typing class and THAT drove me nuts, I don't know how these modules would affect me, probably drive me crazy like they are doing to you!!! I admire your determination and extra effort that you put into everything you do!!! :)

Always With Love -