Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A movie and tears

Tonight I watched the movie Reign over me. I laughed and found some parts funny but I cried much more.

The movie reached down deep and touched my heart. It is worth watching but have a  box of Kleenex nearby. It will make you stop and think about your life and the people that you cherish.


Mary said...

It's been a high energy, fun time with all the kids coming and going and my nephew visiting. I've loved ever minute of it. I didn't have time to blog the way I usually do but I have new stories to tell. Home you and hubby are doing well. More later after the dust settles.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I couldnt watch it whit you. I hope I can see it soon. Thank you babe.


Lynn said...

I've got it on my To Watch list. I just have to pull the tv away from the kids and their nightly addiction, Mike's football, the video games we all play and Laura and her endless shows. I love Adam Sandler in non-stupid roles, and I know this one is going to be at least a 1-Kleenex box movie. Good to get a review from someone else!