Thursday, November 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my Mom’s birthday. Let me tell you a little about my Mom. She is the most unselfish person I have ever known. She always looks after others. She has always been there for me and my sister.

I remember as a child that when school started, My Mom always got sad, because her girls didn’t get to spend the day with her like in the summer. Most parents were happy for a break away from their children by that time, but not my Mom. I also remember that I did not like going to school and being away from my Mom. At one point, I faked stomach aches to get to come home and be with Mom. That stopped abruptly when I stupidly said to my Mom after being picked up by Mom and Dad after a stomach ache “episode”, What are we going to do when we get home Mommy? Dad sternly said, you are going to bed and will stay there all day. Mysteriously, the stomach aches never came again. (hehe)

She patiently taught me days before the first day of school, the route to walk to school, just a short piece away from our home. On my first day of school, I came inside the big front doors of the school and had an anxiety attack and walked right out the front doors and all the way back home crying. She, always the patient and loving Mom, walked with me back to school and helped me find my class and explained to my teacher what had happened.

When we lived in Louisiana, My Mom was known as the neighborhood Mom. We always had a house full of children. Only my Mom would call ALL the women of the neighborhood to see our dog have puppies. She was so excited! It was hilarious to see a house full of women trying to gather in the small area where the dog was having puppies and hearing them offer sympathetic little soothing encouragements for the dogs "puppybirth" pains.

My Mom always let me be creative when I dressed as a child. She would just look at my outfits and grin and say, you have your own style. She didn’t say, OH MY GOD! Look at what she intends to wear today. She just let me be, my own crazy unique self.

When I was sick, my Mom, being as we were southerners, knew exactly what to fix as my comfort food. She made me a big bowl of grits with melted cheese. Ahhhhh! I still love cheese grits.

I got sick at 13 years old and had an extended several years almost non-stop hospital residency, she was the one who comforted me and stayed with me daily at my bedside and offered loving support. (My sister and Dad were usually close by as well.)

Now that I am an adult, she is a constant and loving support in my life. She is positive and very much a Mom and a friend to me. She is a life-saver when it comes to chores in the house which I cannot do. She helps me one day a week to do the things that are difficult for me to do.

Happy Birthday Mommy!


I love you


Mary said...

A wonderful post praising your mother. It's the best birthday gift a mother could receive. I know she is so proud of you. Thanks for sharing with us.

Happy Birthday to Mom from me.

Mary said...

Yes, I've been a fan of Cafe Berlin for several years. Before I retired it was a regular lunch stop. After the one on Airport Road closed we haven't eaten dinner there very often. This evening we are going to a restaurant that's new to us. Indigo Joe's is in Madison and will probably be an adventure. It's a sports bar and restaurant and isn't our usual kind of place but we decided to live dangerously this evening. :-) At Noodles I haven't had anything that I didn't really like. Of course, the Eggplant Parmesan is a favorite of mine. I haven't had the more spicy bowls because spicy foods aren't user friendly for me.

Anonymous said...

I am wiping tears away and smiling at the same time. That is a wonderful tribute. I only hope my son feels that way about me.
Mothers are unique creatures. I miss mine very much.


Anonymous said...

Oh yea - Happy Birthday MOM :) said...


I want a mommy like her!!!!

Jorge said...

How fortunate you are to have mom like her! And how blessed she is to have a daughter like you! Be well,

Lynn said...

You are both so blessed to have each other in your lives, Michelle. A good Momma is more important than almost anything else. A grateful child is a close second.